Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset tracking solutions from Radius Networks enable you to keep tabs on important items. Let Radius Networks' asset tracking solutions help solve some of the biggest logistic and operational problems you face. Reduce lost shipments of expensive merchandise and track important items at all times within a warehouse or facility.

Reduce Lost Assets
Maximize Logistic and Operation Efficiency
Ability to Locate Packages Quickly and Efficiently

Provide peace of mind and operational efficiency by monitoring your assets at all times. Our technology enables businesses to dramatically decrease lost shipments, putting more money back in your wallet. Whether you want to keep track of expensive merchandise or locate specific boxes within a warehouse, let our asset tracking solutions help solve some of the biggest problems you face day-to-day.

  • Custom asset tracking app
  • In-depth analytics and reporting

Locate your customer within your venue for order delivery, upsell opportunities, and personalized engagement. Whether you need to find your customers for food and beverage delivery, monitor employees, or track assets within a venue, Radius Networks can provide the perfect in-house solution. The advanced analytics portal allows businesses to view and report on key business metrics that help better understand customer and staff behavior, including traffic flow, heat maps, and order delivery metrics.

How It Works

Track assets within a warehouse or large building

Attach Transmitter

Enclose or attach a wireless transmitter on all assets and/or shipments for monitoring.

Launch the App

Launch the Radius Networks asset tracking app on your device.

Start Moving

Walk slowly around the venue.

App Indicates Your Proximity to the Target

App will indicate when you are “hot,” “warm,” or “cold” when you are within a specific radius of your target.


Radius Networks is a location technology company focused on helping businesses locate, engage, and transact with their customers for order delivery, messaging, and tracking.


Keep your operations running smoothly by minimizing the loss of shipments.

Sports + Entertainment

Enhance the fan experience with in-seat service and location-based messaging.

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