Flybuy Connect

A Capacity Management Solution

Aligning the customer’s expectations with the reality of the kitchen

Flybuy Connect transcends traditional capacity management, offering a comprehensive platform that propels businesses into a new era of operational efficiency and customer engagement, with a harmonious blend of staff and customer experiences at its heart.

customer arrival and dynamic promise time leads to perfect handoff


of consumers advocate for brands based on consistent positive experiences


of consumers are inclined to spend more with companies that excel in customer experience

Ingredients for a Stronger Customer Connection

Smart Order Readiness

Communicate precise pickup times by leveraging machine learning to analyze food prep times, kitchen capacity, customer travel time, and staff availability.

Order Status Updates

Provide customers with complete transparency during the order preparation process to set expectations and reduce early/late arrivals.

Pinpoint Customer Location

Utilize real-time customer location insights for seamless handoffs. Our ETAi™ feature integrates machine learning to factor in destination specifics and customer behavior.

Auto-Order Integration

Automate order initiation within existing systems to streamline operations and enhance efficiency which reduces stress and burnout and increases job satisfaction and retention.


Unlocking the Future of Customer Service

In this white paper we explore:

  • The dynamic shifts in customer preferences, providing an in-depth analysis of contemporary behavioral trends and insights into the current market landscape
  • The psychology underlying customer loyalty and decision-making, shedding light on the key factors that influence consumer engagement
  • The pressing need within the industry to pivot towards a more customer-centric approach, one that not only enhances efficiency but also allows businesses to concentrate on their core competencies

Reinvent your customer experience

By incorporating features such as auto-order firing, accurate order readiness estimates, and timely customer messaging, Flybuy Connect ensures a fluid handoff process, cultivating an experience that customers are eager to revisit.

progress bar
Deliver accurate promise times
auto-fire orders based on arrivals
reduce early/late arrivals
streamline meal prep

What is ETAi™?

ETAi™, or contextual ETA, uses machine learning to factor in billions of data points (traffic patterns, time of day, congestion, construction, and more) to provide more accurate ETAs than traditional navigation.

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