Why Flybuy?

Location precision

Our proprietary machine-learning algorithms ingest mobile location awareness, real-time traffic data, and other mobile sensor and environmental inputs to deliver the highest level of accuracy.

Worldwide scalability

Our technology is currently installed in over 50 countries with global brands.

Innovation & expertise

Our team is a recognized leader in the space with over 40 location technology patents.


We are not a marketing company. Our products and developer tools are designed for user privacy first.


Our team excels with brands of all sizes and integration levels and routinely accommodates custom development work with our in-house engineering team.


We have an entire team dedicated to supporting you and your success. Our constant investment in research and development keeps clients at the forefront of proven trends with new functionality and client input.

Increase order volume.

Brands see an influx in order volume after implementing Flybuy from attracting new customers and repeat visits.


Average increase in order volume for Flybuy partners

Reduce wait time.

Flybuy reduces wait time for customers and delivery drivers by an average of 79%.


Average wait time for Flybuy Partners

* compared to 6:17 without/before Flybuy

Boost customer satisfaction.

Provide off-premise customers with the same 5-star service they receive in-store. 


Average Flybuy Pickup customer rating

Drive online engagement.

Direct customers to your brand app and drive downloads. 


of mobile users share their location when using Flybuy

Features Flybuy How?
Location Detection Precision with and without Beacons Yes Our proprietary machine-learning algorithms ingest mobile location awareness, real-time traffic data, and other mobile sensor and environmental inputs to deliver true accuracy.
Site-specific Points of Interest (POI) Yes Merchants are able to set store premise boundaries and designated pickup areas to aide staff associates in locating on-premise customers.
Customer opt-in and engagement reports Yes Flybuy provides operational reports for monitoring customer wait time, engagement rate by platform (iOS, Android, Web), customer location opt in rates, and customer experience ratings at each store.
Compatible with Different Modes of Transportation Yes Customers can indicate whether they are traveling by foot, bicycle, or car and ETAs are adjusted appropriately.
Factor in Speed and Real-time Traffic Yes Accurate ETA is determined by GPS, real-time traffic, and mobile sensor data.
Detect Various Parts of Customer Journey Using Hands-Free Location Tracking Yes Flybuy alerts your staff about important updates within the customer’s journey to the store, to queue up operational workflows accordingly.
Supports Hands-Free Transactions for End User (e.g. Automated Check-in Yes Flybuy enables a frictionless experience for the customer with no action required upon arrival.
Differentiates Between Drive-Thru, Curbside, and Walk-ins Yes The store is alerted to the exact location of the customer whether they are in the drive-thru lane, parked by the curb, or in-store.
Integration Partners Yes Flybuy supports integrations with multiple online ordering, fulfillment, and same-day delivery partners, allowing you to easily integrate with Flybuy. Partners include Olo, Checkmate, Toast, Delivery Solutions, ShopperKit.
Preserve Mobile Battery Yes Flybuy can operate with all location settings, whether the customer has the app experience in the background of their device or not, therefore maximizing mobile battery life.
Quick and flexible integration levels Yes Brands have the ability to choose a full SDK integration, web experience, or use the off the shelf white labeled Flybuy app for quick solution deployment.
Accurate Customer ETAs Based on Customer’s Location Yes Leveraging proprietary location technology, Flybuy dynamically calculates a customer’s precise ETA based on location data from the customer.
Proprietary technology and comprehensive SDKs for iOS, Android, React Native, etc. with open source components Yes To fully immerse the Flybuy technology into your branded mobile applications, Flybuy offers a software development kit for both iOS and Android applications.
Staff-Facing Dashboard Yes The Flybuy Staff Dashboard offers your staff the ability to eliminate customer wait time for curbside and in-store pickup. With the Staff Dashboard, we alert your staff of the customer’s location along their journey, so that they are fully prepared to assist customers as they arrive, ensuring a fast, efficient, and personalized experience. All dashboard events are available for consumption via API.
Customizable Customer Alerts/Notifications Yes Keyed into various points of the customer and order journey, automatically send custom SMS or push notifications to your customers, allowing your staff to focus on preparing and fulfilling orders.

See what our customers are saying

“Having visibility into the journey of both customers and delivery drivers is key for us to provide fresh fries and cold milkshakes quickly for to-go orders. It’s hard to control the food freshness for takeout or delivery orders, but Flybuy enables us to deliver the best to-go product possible.”
- Zerrick Pearson, VP of Restaurant Technology, Five Guys

“It has been a very pleasant experience working with Flybuy. The team is flexible and very responsive to our needs and questions and always willing to assist. Thank you for being a great partner and making this implementation smooth!”

- Rick Duley, VP of Omni Channel Operations, Belk

“The Flybuy platform helps us better manage the influx of Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup orders being placed. Knowing our guests’ ETA and receiving live location updates and arrival alerts has transformed our curbside program for both our Team Members working hard in the store fulfilling orders, and for our guests who want a speedy pickup experience.”

- Valery Ciarimboli, VP of eCommerce Operations, Giant Eagle
dominos uk
“We absolutely see Flybuy as a fundamental part of our 2021 strategy for collection, as there is a clear need to have the car-park collection to sit alongside our in-store collection business with the current customer concerns around safety. Initial customer feedback has been hugely encouraging. Customers think Flybuy is seamless!”
- Clive West, Digital Director, Dominos UK Group

“We wanted to provide our customers with an easy shopping experience, from the moment they place their order, to the moment they pick it up at the store. Knowing exactly when the customer will arrive enables us to be incredibly efficient in-store, and deliver to the curb the same personalized shopping experience that our customers are used to.”

- Melissa Cook, Director of Omni Channel & Store Process, JOANN
el pollo loco

“We believe the addition of curbside pickup will provide additional peace of mind for our customers to safely access our offerings, as curbside service is seen as one of the safest ways to access food off-premise.” 

- Bernard Acoca, CEO, El Pollo Loco
lowes foods

“The Flybuy platform gives our hosts a new level of visibility into a guest’s journey to our store which is significantly decreasing wait times at pickup. In addition to the time-saving benefits for our guests, the geolocation data provided by Flybuy helps our Personal Shoppers spend their time more efficiently inside the store. This has a dramatic impact on our service levels and efficiency while aiding in our continued focus toward developing a more proactive operation overall.” 

- Chad Petersen, Sr. Director of eCommerce, Lowes Foods

“Reducing driver wait times has been a pain point for us. We want drivers to be in and out as quickly as possible, the same way you want a guest to do so. Putting the tools, processes, and integrations in place with third-party partners is critically important.”

- Scott Gladstone, VP of Strategy and Development, Applebee's
city bbq

“The addition of Flybuy has been met with such enthusiasm from both our employees and our customers. We have already seen significant growth in our curbside business, which has had a major impact on overall sales. Flybuy Pickup has helped us operate efficiently while stores begin to reopen, and enables us to replicate the five-star experience that customers receive when they are dining in the restaurant, with fresh food and prompt service.”

- Judy Kadylak, CMO, City Barbeque

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