Location based solutions for

Sports & Entertainment

Enhance the fan experience with in-seat service and location-based messaging.

Increase Revenue With Easy In-Seat Ordering and Delivery
Up-sell Fans With Seat Upgrades Based on Their Location Within the Stadium
Engage With Fans Like Never Before

Enhance the fan experience with convenient, fast, and efficient service.

Increase revenue at your venue while creating a tremendous fan experience. By offering in-seat order and delivery, fans will have the opportunity to place an order when they want without having to leave their seat and wait in line. With location-based, personalized messaging throughout the stadium, fans will get the most out of their experience.

Locate your customer within your venue for order delivery, upsell opportunities, and personalized engagement. Whether you need to find your customers for food and beverage delivery, monitor employees, or track assets within a venue, Radius Networks can provide the perfect in-house solution. The advanced analytics portal allows businesses to view and report on key business metrics that help better understand customer and staff behavior, including traffic flow, heat maps, and order delivery metrics.

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