The Mobile Dine In Experience

A turnkey solution that facilitates mobile, counter, and kiosk ordering and enhances the dining experience for customers.

All digital orders live on the Flybuy Staff Dashboard

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Deliver orders seamlessly.

When the order is ready, it can either be brought to the table or a message is sent to the customer telling them to pick it up from the counter.

Staff no longer need to call out order numbers or customer names across the restaurant. With one tap, the customer will receive a notification that their order is ready.

Customer receives message that order is ready for pickup.

Experience a comprehensive customer experience platform.

Safeguard customer privacy.

We provide brands with the highest quality materials to protect customers from malicious actors. 

customer ordering at table

The average digital check is


higher than when the customer orders at the point of sale.


of customers would order more if they did not have to get back in line.


of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience.

See how District Taco maximizes operations and delights both dine-in and off-premise customers with Flybuy.

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