Enhanced Dine In Experience

Transform the Dine In Experience

Flybuy Dine In is a location-based solution to help restaurants locate customers for order delivery. Flybuy improves staff efficiencies and speed of service, in addition to decreasing lobby crowding.

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Order placed

The customer can place an order at the counter, kiosk, or in-app on a mobile device.

Customer located

The location of the customer is tracked and visible on the staff monitor as they move through virtual seating zones.

Food delivered

The order is delivered fast and fresh to the exact location of the customer, or the customer is paged via their mobile device to pick it up from the counter.

Bluetooth Smart Tents

The customer is located with a Smart Tent for order delivery in and around the restaurant. Our Smart Tents contain Bluetooth beacons that allow the customer to relax at their desired seating location, and have their order delivered to them when it’s ready. 

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50% reduction in counter crowding
20% increase in throughput
4.2 improvement in OSAT

Order & Pay at Table

Flybuy enables digital-anywhere ordering and facilitates the handoff of the order to the customer.

The customer is launched into the restaurant’s online ordering experience, which then connects to the KDS or POS system to let staff know where to deliver the order. 


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Experience a comprehensive customer experience platform.

See how District Taco maximizes operations and delights both dine-in and off-premise customers with Flybuy.

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