Loyalty Automation & Offer Redemption

Reduce wait time in the drive-thru.

Flybuy Drive-Thru reduces drive-thru service times for restaurants and retailers by harnessing the power of Presence Level® technology to better understand guests and create a frictionless, automated drive-thru. With drive-thru lanes busier than ever, decreasing time spent in line and increasing operational efficiency is a must. Upgrade your drive-thru today with Flybuy Drive-Thru and accelerate the ordering, offer redemption, and pickup process.

Simple, secure coupon redemption for your loyal customers

We have developed a customized, first-class loyalty redemption experience for your customers, saving staff time during the check-out and payment process. The reduced wait times and streamlined transactions allow you to greatly increase throughput, promote high-level brand loyalty, and increase mobile app engagement.

Enjoy the benefits of an end-to-end location platform.

Face-to-face drive-thru

Our face-to-face feature serves restaurants who have dedicated staff members in the drive-thru line taking orders on a tablet. Using our Flybuy Drive-Thru app, the tablet can identify the customer and prompt loyalty redemption, eliminating the need for any additional hardware.

staff taking order in the drive-thru lane

Optimize workflow and increase throughput.

Flybuy Drive-Thru technology keeps operations streamlined and reduces crowding in the lane so staff can focus on what matters. Every second saved in the drive-thru results in an increase in same-store sales, and Flybuy Drive-Thru can reduce wait times by at least 15-20 seconds per customer.

restaurant staff in kitchen

Menu board personalization

With Flybuy Drive-Thru’s customer identification, brands can customize the digital menu board for the exact customer in front of it. The welcome message, content, and specific items can be completely personalized based on who is viewing. Personalizing the off-premise journey boosts customer loyalty and keeps them coming back.

drive-thru line

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