Pickup Optimization

Location precision for online order pickup

nearby, arrived, pickup zone

Flybuy Pickup facilitates a seamless handoff by providing stores with accurate ETAs and location updates for incoming customers and delivery drivers.


of consumers have bought grocery items online during the past three months compared to only 17% in years past.

Omnichannel buyers spend


more every month than single channel buyers.

Brands that enable four or more handoff modes typically see their conversion rate increase by at least 


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Level up the staff experience.

Our proprietary location technology and staff dashboard allow businesses to customize their pickup zones to best fit their storefront. With constant location updates, employees are able to prioritize the fulfillment and staging of orders based on the customer’s ETA.

flybuy staff dashboard

Empower customers with automated check-in.

Customers are greeted with pickup instructions along their journey and when they arrive, all without the tap of a button. No wait for customers and no action needed upon arrival provides a smooth and simple curbside experience.

the flybuy sdk helps customers stay informed on their way to the store

Course Correct

Right idea, wrong location!

Utilize Course Correct to promptly detect when your guests arrive at a restaurant different from the intended location. Before it’s too late, offer a friendly redirection message to guide guests to the correct pickup location, ensuring satisfaction and minimizing the need for costly remakes or refunds.

flybuy course correct

Experience a comprehensive customer experience platform.

Optimize workflow and increase throughput.

Flybuy keeps operations streamlined and reduces crowding at the counter so staff can focus on what matters.

restaurant staff in kitchen

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Watch a two-minute video on the Flybuy Pickup merchant and customer interface.

Flybuy optimizes the pickup experience for brands worldwide

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