Right Idea, Wrong Location

Course Correct: Guide customers to the correct store with no operational change needed

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Enhance the order ahead experience with Course Correct

Flybuy Pickup optimizes the pickup experience for brands worldwide, providing accurate ETAs and visibility into the location of an incoming customer for a frictionless handoff.

Utilizing Course Correct, you can promptly detect when your customers arrive at the wrong location and promptly redirect them to the correct store, ensuring satisfaction and minimizing the need for costly remakes, restocks or refunds.

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Anticipate customer needs

By addressing issues before customers notice, you provide exceptional service, and research indicates that 89% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchase after a positive experience.

Drive repeat business and boost profits

Research from an independent market research platform, Gitnux, states that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%.

Elevate your brand experience

Our technology enhances customer satisfaction by proactively redirecting them to retrieve their orders, ensuring a positive brand interaction and increasing the likelihood of future visits.


reduction in refunds


of dollars of savings


reduction in wrong location mistakes

These insights are based on average results drawn from hundreds of millions of unique trips across our global customer base.

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