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Location-based mobile payment facilitation

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Empower customers with contactless mobile transactions.

Flybuy Pay serves businesses who are seeking a frictionless and contactless payment transaction for call-in orders. The customer has the flexibility of paying in the comfort of their home, in their car, when they arrive, or anywhere they’d like! By leveraging Flybuy Pay, businesses can avoid taking payment over the phone, decreasing chargebacks and fraud, and dramatically increasing staff efficiency.

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Streamline the staff experience.

With one click of a button, Flybuy Pay allows staff to automatically initiate a link for payment directly to the customer’s mobile phone. This allows the customer to pay at their convenience from their phone, and reduces instances of chargebacks for the merchant. 

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Enjoy the benefits on an end-to-end location platform.

Optimize workflow and increase throughput.

Flybuy keeps operations streamlined and reduces crowding at the counter so staff can focus on what matters.

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How It Works

Customer Calls in an Order

The customer places an order over the phone and provides a phone number.

Order entered into POS

The staff enters the order into the POS.

Customer receives a mobile payment link

A link is sent to the customer’s mobile device which leads to a secure, browser-based payment page (no app required!)

Customer pays

The customer can add a tip, then complete their payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card.

Payment Processed

Payment is automatically settled back at the POS and the staff is notified.

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