Flybuy provides a fast, efficient, and supercharged program for Cafe Rio Mexican Grill’s carryout orders. 

Washington, DCCafe Rio Mexican Grill, a rapidly growing fresh Mexican cuisine restaurant with 144 locations nationwide (with 15 more opening this year), has fully integrated Flybuy Pickup into their mobile app to create a completely seamless customer and staff experience. Flybuy Pickup, a product within the Radius Networks Flybuy Platform, is leveraged by brands worldwide for in-store and curbside pickup optimization.

“We are really excited to add an iconic brand like Cafe Rio to the Flybuy family,” says Jeff Baskin, Chief Business Officer at Radius Networks. “It has been great to work with Todd Paladini and his team to implement the Flybuy solution to not only create labor efficiencies in the restaurant, but also develop a best-in-class pickup experience for their loyal customers.”

curbside pickup

When customers place pickup orders and head to the restaurant, Flybuy Pickup provides staff with an accurate customer ETA and alerts them when the customer is arriving and where they park for pickup. Flybuy’s location technology allows the staff to juggle both dine-in customers and those coming in for pickup, as they can proactively prepare orders based on exact arrival time. The addition of Flybuy has enabled Cafe Rio to replicate the dine-in experience with fresh, hot orders handed off immediately upon arrival. 

With the rise in takeout and delivery orders, Cafe Rio knew they needed a system that sets them up for success now and in the future. With Flybuy, Cafe Rio can eliminate frustrations and confusion for customers, staff, as well as incoming delivery drivers. 

“In just weeks after implementing Flybuy, without any marketing efforts, we’ve seen our curbside orders jump 6%,” says Patrick Miller, IT Project Manager at Cafe Rio Mexican Grill. “Being able to maintain the volume of dine-in customers while growing our off-premise customer base is having a great impact on our bottom line, and we’re excited to see what’s next!” 

“It has been a smooth process from the start with Flybuy. We are able to get really granular with our precision along the customer’s journey, as well as on property. Each restaurant has their own customized virtual pickup zones within the parking lot so we know exactly where the customer is on-property when they arrive. We also took advantage of utilizing the Flybuy Tablets at every restaurant with audio and visual alerts so every employee is engaged with the program at all times,” says Todd Paladini, Chief Technology Officer at Cafe Rio Mexican Grill.

Flybuy is currently rolled out at over 116 Cafe Rio locations and will be fully rolled out to all 144 restaurants by the end of the month.

About Radius Networks | Flybuy

Radius Networks is the leading enterprise location technology company and their Flybuy Platform helps companies achieve operational excellence and simplify the guest experience. Flybuy is live in 30,000 locations in 55 countries and leveraged by restaurants, retailers, and grocers daily. The platform includes: Flybuy Pickup for curbside, in-store, and delivery driver pickup optimization; Flybuy Drive-Thru for drive-thru pickup and loyalty automation;  Flybuy Tableside for dine-in ordering and table service solutions; and Flybuy Pay for location-based mobile payment facilitation.

About Cafe Rio Mexican Grill

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, Inc., headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is one of the leading quick-casual restaurants specializing in fresh Mexican cuisine. The company currently operates over 145 restaurants across 11 states with 15 more set to open this year. Cafe Rio Mexican Grill’s primary business is serving its customers the highest quality meals with the freshest ingredients, both through the restaurant locations and catering business. Cafe Rio Mexican Grill’s web address is