We help companies
save time.

of consumers have bought grocery items online during the past three months compared to only 17% in years past.

86 percent

of consumers expect contactless services to be available long-term.

92 percent

of vaccinated dining customers plans to keep ordering online once the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Our Solutions

Track customers, improve efficiency, and increase revenue

Reduce Friction

Take away the guesswork and stress by simplifying the customer and employee experience. Easily implement our technology to automate manual processes and watch sales increase, customer satisfaction skyrocket, and employee efficiency improve drastically.

Personalized Customer Experience

Customize the entire customer journey, from start to finish, leaving them eager to return. Whether it’s a simple greeting, “Welcome back, Emily,” or a location-based message, “We see you’re in the pickup zone, we’ll be out shortly!” — a small touch goes a long way!

True Accuracy

Our proprietary machine-learning algorithms ingest mobile location awareness, real-time traffic data, and other mobile sensor and environmental inputs to deliver accurate location information that makes curbside, in-store, and drive-thru pickup fast and frictionless.

Data-Driven Results

Understanding your customer is key. With our robust analytics, you can track customer wait time, location data, trip origination, heat map by hour by day, daily usage, activity metrics, trend reports, and more.

Industries We Support

Flybuy is focused on helping businesses locate, engage, and transact with their customers for order delivery, messaging, and tracking. Our location-based platform is utilized globally and spans multiple industries and markets such as restaurants, retailers, and grocery stores.


Eliminate wait time and enhance the customer's dining experience.


Automate and enhance your retail curbside and BOPIS solution.


Provide a superior customer experience by providing timely fulfilment and delivery.


Streamline all in-store, curbside, and drive-thru pharmacy fulfillment and operations.

Convenience Stores

Provide simple curbside delivery, in-store pickup, and loyalty redemption.


Accurately predicting VIP's arrival for check-in and location on property.

Sports + Entertainment

Enhance the fan experience with in-seat service and location-based messaging.

Casinos + Gaming

Locate guests as they move around the casino for food and beverage delivery.

Amusement Parks

Personalize the guest experience as they check into different areas around the park.


Keep your operations running smoothly by minimizing the loss of shipments.


Automate check-in and personalize the experience for patients.