When discussing different solutions for a successful off-premise solution, location technology often comes into the conversation. Many don’t know that there are different kinds of location technology with different levels of accuracy. 

What is a geofence?

Simply put, a geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area (source). The geofence is a large radius around a location, typically used to trigger a marketing or promotional message. A standard geofence is not ideal if you need true accuracy. When brands use geofence technology to predict customer arrival times, it’s very possible that the alerts will be inaccurate, leading to real operational problems for staff.

What is geolocation technology?

Geolocation technology combines location awareness, real-time traffic, and mobile sensor data to deliver precise location data. 

A new study conducted by Flybuy and Industry Dive shows the benefits of a sophisticated geolocation solution over a geofence solution — and the results are staggering! Geolocation technology provides extremely accurate ETAs, instant notifications to both customers and staff, and precise location within the parking lot or store. This helps provide retailers with confidence that a customer is five minutes away, or has arrived, and is in a curbside spot with no false alarms.

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