We hosted our 10th webinar episode with industry experts from the convenience store and restaurant industries. We had a great roundtable discussion with Art Sebastian from Casey’s General Stores and Adam Golomb from Primanti Bros Restaurant and Bar. Hearing first-hand how they drive customers, retain employees, create a seamless off-premise program, and the struggles that they will continue to face in the upcoming year were both insightful and encouraging.

Some topics we covered are:

  • The value of an off-premise customer
  • How to keep off-premise customers happy and returning
  • Maximizing labor to service on-premise and off-premise customers
  • Leveraging new innovations and technology for operational efficiency

Businesses have shifted focus to off-premise solutions and have evolved over the past few years. Pre-pandemic, curbside pickup and BOPIS were already on the rise, and the same-day delivery wars were just starting to pick up. 

Two years ago this March, customer demand went into overdrive and many businesses had to fight for survival. Those who were able to pivot quickly and embrace innovations were able to turn an unforeseen challenge into an opportunity. Brands sped up their roadmaps and improved their mobile and digital strategies, including mobile ordering, mobile payments, loyalty,  enhanced location-based curbside and BOPIS solutions, and enhanced inventory management.

The recent supply chain and labor shortages introduced new challenges, and it was eye-opening to see how Casey’s and Primanti Bros have risen to the occasion and are thriving, even in these circumstances. 

Our panelists have shared their learnings, biggest surprises, and the future state of serving the off-premise customer. 

Here’s a little more about our panelists:

  • Art Sebastian is the Vice President of Digital Experiences at Casey’s General Stores — with 2,300+ locations throughout the midwest. Art is leading the digital transformation which includes technology implementation, launching new customer-facing experiences, and building a successful team. 
  • Adam Golomb is the President and Chief Marketing Officer for Primanti Brothers Restaurant & Bar with restaurants in Pittsburgh and beyond. With a background in strategic leadership in both the restaurant and grocery industries, Adam drives operations, marketing, concept evolution, digital transformation, strategy, and menu development.

Listen below!

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