‘Tis the season retailers prepare for all year long. However, to meet the seasonal rush head-on, forward-thinking retailers are embracing cutting-edge technology to not simply survive but thrive amidst the holiday frenzy. Discover how integrating the right tech will help you optimize operations and create a more festive shopping experience for both you and your customers.

Craft Customized Holiday Deals

Fueled by concerns over the fluctuating economy, this year’s budget-conscious holiday shoppers are on the hunt for great bargains. In fact, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that 69 percent of consumers expect tailored deals from retailers. This makes discounting and personalization pivotal strategies for brands seeking to capture a generous slice of the holiday expenditures pie. 

By leveraging location technology, brands can craft bespoke offers and product suggestions that speak directly to customer desires at the exact moment they will make a purchasing decision. For example, a retailer could detect when a loyal customer is nearby, and entice them with a notification about a limited-time discount to drive them to the store.

This approach lets you simultaneously boost holiday profits and customer satisfaction, which drives long-term customer loyalty.

Give the Gift of Timely Pickups & Deliveries

In the midst of the bustling holiday season, precision pickups and timely e-commerce deliveries serve as indispensable tools for retailers. Statistics reveal a pressing need for these solutions, with 44 percent of consumers expressing dissatisfaction with late holiday deliveries, and another 55 percent planning to research and buy products online directly from a retailer.

When retailers have insight into the location of their customers and delivery drivers, they can get the order ready for pickup and ensure a smooth and swift handoff, reducing long wait times, counter crowding, and dissatisfied customers. 

Supercharge Your Holiday Return Process

One of the more significant issues that arises during the holidays is dealing with returns. According to Nosto, 61 percent of shoppers prefer to return online purchases to a retail store as opposed to mailing it back.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know when a return customer is coming to provide an efficient and seamless experience for both customers and staff? This insight helps retailers revolutionize their return processes, making your customers more merry, reducing the overall cost of a return, and allowing team members to swiftly place items back on shelves, ready to be resold.

Rev Up Your Holiday Retail Sales

A forecast from Insider Intelligence projects holiday retail sales will grow 4.5 percent to reach $1.317 trillion this year. Leveraging robust promotional strategies and using technology to create a seamless digital-physical retail experience unlocks pivotal chances to boost sales, enhance the customer journey, and cultivate devoted brand advocates throughout the holiday season.

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