October 2023 – Flybuy has been hard at work enhancing our platform to provide new innovations for the customers we serve. Learn more about what the Flybuy team has been up to below:

Doordash Drive Integration

Flybuy is now directly integrated with Doordash Drive to receive real time status updates for Doordash Drive couriers on their delivery journey. This integration includes visibility on the Flybuy Staff Dashboard when:

  • The order gets assigned to a driver
  • The driver travels to and approaches the store
  • The driver arrives on site
  • The order is handed to the driver
  • The order is dropped off at its final destination

This direct integration is resulting in shorter driver wait times, benefitting the driver, restaurant, and customer by reducing counter crowding, increasing deliveries per hour, and ensuring customers receive fast and fresh orders.

Bag Placement in Vehicle

The Flybuy App and mobile web flow now allow customers to specify where in their vehicle they want their bags to be placed. The customer’s preferred handoff location is displayed on the Staff Dashboard alongside other important vehicle details such as vehicle color, type, etc. Providing this option for customers to communicate preferences to staff ahead of time improves the experience and allows for a seamless, contactless handoff at the vehicle.

bag placement in vehicle

Support for Virtual Brands

The popularity of virtual brands, also known as ghost kitchens, continues to rise. For businesses, virtual brands allow them to reach a wider customer base and increase revenue without the need for dining space or resources. For customers, virtual brands provide convenience with online ordering and delivery options, giving them access to a variety of food choices without leaving home.

The Flybuy platform now supports: 

  • Direct integrations with virtual brands 
  • Tagging specific orders with virtual brand logos, to help staff identify and package orders differently if needed 
  • Dedicated analytics and reporting on virtual brand orders.

Enhanced Pickup Zones

Flybuy has added the ability to associate pickup zones to specific pickup types (curbside, in store, drive thru, or delivery) in the merchant portal. This allows for more flexibility for stores with multiple order handoff types. Additionally, this improves the accuracy of wait time by pickup type.

Virgin App Redesign

The Flybuy hospitality division has been collaborating closely with Virgin Hotels, engaging in a comprehensive revamp of the Virgin Lucy App to elevate the guest experience. The Lucy App plays a pivotal role in streamlining hotel interactions, allowing guests to enjoy a seamless stay with features like contactless check-in, mobile key access, and in-room controls, among other conveniences. The revamp focuses on enhancing user interface and functionality, ensuring a more intuitive, user-friendly experience, and removing points of friction.

That’s all for now!

Whether it is feedback about an existing feature or product, or you have an idea for an enhancement, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to our Product team.

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