August 2023 – Flybuy has been hard at work enhancing our platform to provide new innovations for the Brands we serve. We are excited to announce three updates: Flybuy Impulse, App Clips, and Deferred Location Tracking. Check out what we’ve been working on at Flybuy HQ! 

Flybuy Impulse

We are excited to announce the development of a brand-new feature under the Flybuy Platform, Impulse. When a customer has an active order ready for pickup, they will be prompted with an opportunity to add a last-minute item, and receive it when they arrive at the store. 

By presenting a specially curated menu of items at just the right time and location, Impulse enables users to add items to their basket after the initial order has been placed. Flybuy then notifies staff of any additions to an order. Impulse drives customer engagement and boosts incremental revenue for brands. 

impulse flow

App Clips Streamline the Dine In Experience at District Taco

Our new Dine In solution allows customers to skip the line and order directly from the table. With a simple tap or scan, customers can order and the kitchen will be notified. To further enhance this solution, Flybuy has launched an app clip for Dine In, to help reduce friction for users, while still providing a full service ordering flow.

flybuy dine in solution

Using an app clip to kick off the ordering process helps customers gain trust in the experience before downloading the full app. Shaving these precious seconds can help the brand boost their conversion rate and speed up the ordering process. Once customers order via the app clip, they are presented with an option to download the full app and take advantage of loyalty offers. This solution is now live at District Taco, creating staff efficiency and saving time for customers. 

Deferred Location Tracking

Our latest Flybuy Pickup SDK upgrade makes a distinction between the point at which a customer confirms their order details, and the moment when location tracking begins. Compatible with Android and iOS, customers who choose to schedule an order for pickup in the future are able to share their location with the store when they are ready to pick up their order, instead of at the time the order is placed, which can be hours or days ahead.

Deferred location tracking enables: 

  • Staff to receive more reliable updates on customers’ location. 
  • Brands to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and establish a more accurate ETA analysis.
deferred location tracking

That’s all for now!

Whether it is feedback about an existing feature or product, or you have an idea for an enhancement, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to our Product team.

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