Retailers use Flybuy’s predictive location technology for Curbside pickup, BOPIS, Same-day Delivery, and now, Returns.

Washington, DC — Radius Networks, the world’s leading enterprise location technology platform, announced the highly-anticipated addition of “Flybuy Returns” to their SaaS platform. Retailers using Flybuy can now conduct fast returns both curbside and at a drop-station in the store, providing both an influx of inventory and a simplified return process for staff and the customer.

Currently, retailers are using Flybuy Pickup to streamline off-premise order pickup, both in-store and at the curb. Retailers have full visibility into the customer’s journey and determine exactly when a customer is arriving for pickup, helping staff prioritize order fulfillment and driving down wait times.

Within just weeks of going live with Flybuy Pickup, over 80% of JOANN Fabric’s customers were waiting less than three minutes for their order and their customer satisfaction increased to an average 4.87 out of 5 stars (Source: 2022 Wait Time Study).

Now, with the addition of Flybuy Returns, retailers can easily process pickups and returns simultaneously. “An overwhelming majority of shoppers prefer returning an order to a physical location instead of mailing it back. The reasons for this include: they don’t want to pay for a return, it’s simply faster to return to the store, the store is in a convenient location, they want an immediate refund, they want to exchange terms, they visit the store regularly, and they want the choice of a refund or credit” (Source: Nosto).

With Flybuy, the customer will initiate their return through the store’s website or mobile app and proceed to the store when they are ready. Staff are automatically notified when the customer begins their journey to the store and provided with an exact ETA, so they can meet the customer upon arrival for a quick handoff or exchange.

Return shipments are typically dreaded by customers, as the process is long, differs by store, and oftentimes requires you to make a trip to the post office. For retailers, returns can actually cost more than the orders themselves due to labor, damaged goods, the cost of reselling and the long lag time to get the product back on shelves.

According to the IHL Group, retailers worldwide lose more than $600 billion each year to sales returns. Flybuy simplifies the process and gives the store the opportunity to put that returned product immediately back on the rack to sell again without having to deal with current supply chain issues where it could potentially take weeks to months to get back on shelves.

“We have added Flybuy Returns to complement our existing platform, enabling customers to optimize their trips to the store,” said Emily White, Director of Product at Radius Networks. “We know both customers and staff want an instantaneous exchange, and facilitating returns at the curb does just that.”  

Flybuy retailers, such as Vineyard Vines, JOANN, Belk, Petco, and more, can all leverage Flybuy Returns in different ways. Whether it be for curbside returns, in-store drop boxes, or contactless exchanges, the same technology can be customized depending on the use-case.

“This will significantly help reduce the return-by-mail option that is offered to our customers. We can meet them at the curb, without the customer getting out of their vehicle, process the return and refund, and have the ability to put that product back onto the shelves immediately,” says Drew Chamberlain, Director of Operations and Customer Service at JOANN.

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About Radius Networks | Flybuy

Radius Networks is the leading enterprise location technology company that helps companies achieve operational excellence and simplify the guest experience. The Flybuy SaaS platform is live in 45,000 locations in 55 countries and leveraged by restaurants, retailers, and grocers daily. The platform includes: Flybuy Pickup for curbside, in-store, and delivery driver pickup optimization; Flybuy Drive-Thru for drive-thru pickup and loyalty automation;  Flybuy Tableside for dine-in ordering and table service solutions; and Flybuy Pay for location-based mobile payment facilitation.