Flybuy location technology can detect when customers arrive at the wrong location for order pickup, reducing food waste and inbound support calls, and eliminating customer and staff confusion.

wrong location arrival

Whether it is because the customer is moving through the online checkout too quickly or there are multiple locations close to each other, as many as 30% of a brand’s customer support calls, refunds, and chargebacks are due to customers going to the wrong location to pick up their order. For grocers and retailers, this totally throws off the staging process. For restaurants, this may also mean that they are forced to throw away the food they prepared and remake the order.

Now, leveraging Flybuy’s ability to detect when the customer arrives at the wrong location, brands have insights they never had before about the customer’s journey and are therefore able to intervene accordingly to help course-correct. This communication with the customer ensures that they have a positive experience and gives them an opportunity to correct the mistake.   

“With so many restaurant chains in close proximity to one another, customers find themselves placing an order at one location and going to another to pick it up, which results in frustration for customers and staff and more remakes and chargebacks. Our solution eliminates this friction and improves the overall digital ordering experience by alerting individuals in advance that they’re at the wrong location. This feature is currently live in restaurants nationwide and is proving to be immediately effective, with an average 50% reduction in wrong location mistakes and a 15% reduction in refunds.”

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About Radius Networks | Flybuy
Radius Networks is a location technology company that powers the Flybuy customer experience platform. Flybuy helps restaurants and retailers generate repeat customers by implementing a comprehensive, turnkey, location-based solution used in more than 50 countries. The platform includes: Flybuy Pickup for curbside, in-store, and delivery driver pickup optimization; Flybuy Drive-Thru for drive-thru pickup and loyalty automation;  Flybuy Tableside for dine-in ordering and table service solutions; and Flybuy Pay for location-based mobile payment facilitation.