On June 11, we hosted a fireside chat with Chad Petersen, VP of eCommerce for Lowes Foods, and Jeff Baskin, EVP of Global Partnerships for Radius Networks (Flybuy Pickup). We heard tips and strategies from an innovative grocer who has managed exponential growth and operational challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. From operation challenges, to perfecting the customer experience, Lowes Foods has thrived during this unprecedented time.

Topics covered in this webinar included:

  • Creative solutions that have led to a successful Lowes-To-Go experience
  • Shifting customer behavior in a contactless environment
  • Expanding standard pickup windows to handle more demand
  • New technology and driving customer and staff adoption
  • Managing customer experience during unprecedented eCommerce growth
  • How your staffing and talent can make a difference
  • Keeping staff and customers safe

If you missed it, you can watch the video here:

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