As leaders in location technology, we’re obsessed with helping brands build engaging digital experiences that deliver value for both the customer and the business. Location technology sits at the core of our approach, and it’s not just helping brands survive; it’s helping them thrive in today’s competitive landscape. We’ve seen the power of location data firsthand with our digitized pickup solutions, and now we’re empowering brands to do even more and drive significant growth in mobile app retention and customer lifetime value (CLTV).

The App Retention Challenge

Across industries, from cafes to retail giants, brands are investing heavily in mobile apps. But let’s address the elephant in the room: app retention rates are often low, making it difficult to retain users.The table below shows a significant portion of users abandon apps after downloading them.

Benchmark 30-day user retention rate
Source: SendBird and Statista

So, why are users disappearing? Often, it boils down to two key factors: forgetting the app exists or not seeing enough value in it.

The Location-Powered Solution

This is where location technology steps in to propel your business forward. By leveraging a user’s location (with the user’s privacy at the forefront), when they are nearby or in your physical store, brands can deliver hyper-personalized experiences that truly resonate with users, creating an experience unique to the brand.

  • Contextually Relevant Promotions: A nearby coffee shop can send a notification to a user walking by, inviting them to try a new seasonal flavor and vote for their favorite in the app. This not only drives in-store visits but also fosters app engagement for a seamless omnichannel experience.
  • Frictionless Coupon Redemption: A grocery store can send location-based coupons to users as they enter the store.
  • Personalized In-Store Experiences: Retailers can use location data to trigger loyalty program rewards or offer product recommendations based on a user’s location within the store – all seamlessly within the app.

Location Delivers More Value for the Customer and Business

By building location-powered experiences, brands can deliver a wealth of value for both themselves and their customers:

  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV):  Engagement leads to more frequent purchases and a deeper brand connection, ultimately boosting CLTV.
  • Improved App Retention: Location-based push notifications give users a reason to keep coming back to the app, driving retention rates upwards.
  • Streamlined Omnichannel Experience: Apps become a bridge between online and in-store interactions, creating a unified customer journey.

94% of smartphone users actively seek location-specific information on their devices (Source: GitNux). Brands can build stronger connections with their customers, leading to a successful app and a loyal customer base, and ultimately a stronger business. 

Flybuy Notify drives omnichannel experiences, reaching customers with proximity-triggered push-notifications. We use advanced geofencing location technology to engage with customers within 200 meters to drive in-store visits. 

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