IHOP’s Romulus Group teams up with Flybuy to reduce food waste and improve their bottom line


annual savings


reduction in food waste


Leading up to the pandemic, Romulus Restaurant Group, which operates 104 IHOP restaurants, saw their off-premise orders (curbside, pickup, delivery) expand from less than 10% of their business to up to 30%. The franchisee was looking to more effectively manage its communications and handle chargebacks and refunds as their off-premise business continued to grow.


With Flybuy, The Romulus Group was able to gain full insight into the guest’s journey to the restaurant, effectively communicate with incoming customers, and implement “Tags” on the Flybuy dashboard for frequently-forgotten items. The staff could provide timely handoffs with little to no order error, which had a tremendous ripple effect on decreases in food waste, chargebacks, and refunds.

flybuy staff dashboard


Flybuy reduced wait times and streamlined operations for IHOP which enables them to focus their time and energy on their customers.


reduction in food waste


reduction in remakes and order errors = $75k in annual savings


reduction in chargebacks and refunds for missing items = $125k in annual savings


operational accuracy scores

“We grew our relationship very, very quickly over the last year, and it was at a high level almost from the start. Their ability to scale like that was very impressive, and there are some things on the horizon in our partnership we are very excited about and we will grow together.”
Christopher Pew
Director of Strategic Operations

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