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City Barbecue implements Flybuy Pickup to supercharge off-premise experience


in additional pickup revenue

2.7 tons

CO2 avoided


City Barbeque was looking for ways to improve the food quality and customer experience for their off-premise channels: curbside, delivery, and drive-thru.


City Barbeque leveraged Flybuy at all locations to give them visibility into the customer and delivery driver’s journey to the restaurant so they can prioritize food prep based on arrival times. Additionally, City Barbeque used the Flybuy Tablet for audio and visual indicators to alert the staff that the customer was en route, nearby, arrived, and waiting.

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Using Flybuy Pickup, City Barbeque was able to increase their pickup order volume by 5%, reduce customer wait time by 60%, and provide a white glove experience for all their customers.


in additional pickup revenue

2.7 tons

CO2 avoided


mobile app downloads driven by Flybuy


After nine months of using Flybuy, City Barbeque enhanced their program with the Flybuy LED Tablets, which sends visual and audio location alerts to staff as the customer travels to the restaurant. The LED tablets enable the City Barbeque team to effortlessly multitask, maximize labor efficiency, and drastically improve internal operations.

Reduced customer wait time

Flybuy LED Tablets reduced wait time for customers by an average of:


Improved internal operations

Within two months of implementing the Flybuy LED Tablets, outlier orders went from 24% to 6.5%, an immediate decrease of 73%! After just four months, outlier orders decreased by:


city bbq wait time graph

City Barbeque uses every staff member as efficiently as possible. Flybuy Pickup enables them to prioritize order preparation and fulfillment based on the customer’s ETA. Servers can navigate between dine-in customers, in-store pickup customers, curbside pickup customers, and delivery drivers seamlessly by leveraging the Flybuy LED Tablet.

"Flybuy was one of the most seamless and impactful rollouts that I've done in my career. The technology is intuitive and the numbers speak for themselves. We are excited to leverage Flybuy technology for some of our new initiatives, including drive-thru and loyalty redemption."
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Bryan Myers

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