By Maura Larson

As off-premise business grows, storefronts are seeing a surge in third party delivery orders.  Using Flybuy for a quick pickup process for the drivers means fresher product and better service for your customers.

For most modern brands, the product you provide is only as good as the service a customer receives. Brands are more focused than ever before on exceeding expectations and building loyalty among their customer base. 

However what happens when the person you are interacting with is not your end user but now a third-party representative of your brand? 

Nowadays, delivery drivers are the “customer” that many restaurants and retailers engage with and they are responsible for leaving the final impression. In the same way that building your customer base is paramount to growing your business, building trust among delivery drivers ensures a reliable and enjoyable experience to your base. 

Delivery service providers like Postmates, Doordash, UberEats, Ship’t, and Point Pickup are now extensions of your customer base. The same staples of a great customer experience: communication, consistency, and convenience are crucial for building a profitable relationship with these third parties. 

With delivery drivers as a representative of your storefront, brands are now forced to consider the third party experience in the same way they would a new customer. 

Flybuy enables businesses to have the order ready immediately upon arrival for in-store or curbside pickup.

Delayed, inaccurate, or cold orders are among the top complaints, and the common denominator all comes back to timing when a driver will arrive for pickup. Some delivery service providers allow a 10-15 minute wait policy for their drivers. If the order is not ready in that time period, the driver is able to cancel the delivery. This lag time not only jeopardizes your customer’s trust and loyalty, but also the driver’s for all future deliveries. 

Many kitchens begin preparing orders when the delivery driver arrives, leaving a finite amount of time to package it up and hand it off. With a simple search, it’s apparent which brands are easy to work with from a driver’s perspective. 

If brands can eliminate wait times for these drivers, more deliveries can be completed in the same amount of time, allowing for higher order volume and ultimately increasing revenue over time. 

When leveraging Flybuy Pickup, your staff can see real time updates on driver arrival time based on their distance and current traffic patterns. Employees can prioritize orders as drivers are en route to provide the freshest orders, dramatically reducing wait time for the drivers and increasing staff efficiency.  With accurate ETA’s for driver arrival, Flybuy can help staff prepare items just in time for driver arrival.  Furthermore, when the drivers arrive, Flybuy can help identify where they pull up or park so the staff can be ready to hand-off the order immediately or bring it out to the curb. This can dramatically reduce wait times to just a couple of minutes. This simple elimination of wasted time and frustration, makes the entire chain, from brand to driver to customer, more efficient and improves satisfaction for all parties. Less turnaround time, means more deliveries, happier drivers and customers, and increased repeat sales and revenue.

Communication with your customers has always been of the utmost importance and now this applies to your drivers too, an extension of your customer base. Flybuy can help your business streamline services and create clear communication between your kitchen or storefront and your delivery service partners.

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The Flybuy Dashboard alerts stores and restaurants with customer and delivery driver arrival times so the order can be prepared and ready for pickup the moment they arrive.