Tacos 4 Life leverages Flybuy technology to improve staff operations and the guest experience for off-premise guests and delivery drivers while reducing waste and improving sustainability.

Tacos 4 Life, a fast-casual taco restaurant with 25 locations across the southeastern U.S., is pleased to announce its partnership with Flybuy, a turn-key productivity platform that uses location technology and machine learning to optimize pickup, delivery, dine-in, and loyalty programs for brands worldwide. This collaboration aims to enhance Tacos 4 Life’s takeout program by leveraging Flybuy for cutting-edge capabilities to improve the guest experience, maximize staff operations and align with Tacos 4 Life’s commitment to sustainability.

Tacos 4 Life can now optimize its takeout program by providing real-time alerts and streamlined communication between guests and staff. This includes notifications to staff when order-ahead guests and delivery drivers are en route, nearby, and have arrived to pick up their orders. With the introduction of Flybuy, Tacos 4 Life has observed remarkable improvements in order preparation times, resulting in faster pickup times and increased guest satisfaction.

tacos 4 life takeout

"We are thrilled to partner with Flybuy to enhance our takeout program at Tacos 4 Life.

Using Flybuy has enabled us to improve our operations, provide a faster and more convenient experience for our guests, and align with our sustainability efforts."

In addition to providing fresh, delicious food to its loyal guests, Tacos 4 Life is focused on its mission to help end world hunger. For every taco, salad, rice bowl, nacho, or quesadilla it sells, Tacos 4 Life donates a portion to its nonprofit partner Feed My Starving Children. Additionally, Tacos 4 Life has launched a strong sustainability effort, beginning the process of moving away from Styrofoam containers to paper, and slashing idling times for order-ahead guests. Private vehicles waste 3 billion gallons of fuel each year through idling, which adds about 15 million tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year.

tacos 4 life curbside

Brands who leverage Flybuy technology see an 80% reduction in wait time, which has eliminated 54 tons of CO2 emissions in the past year. Tacos 4 Life has minimized food waste and carbon pollution by optimizing their pickup operations through the use of Flybuy technology to contribute to their philanthropic commitment.

"Flybuy enables restaurants to proactively monitor the customer’s journey to perfectly time the order preparation and handoff, which results in staff productivity and efficiency.

Flybuy is helping restaurants drive revenue and cut costs, while reducing waste and limiting the impact on the environment. We are very excited to work together with the innovative team at Tacos 4 Life.”

About Flybuy

Flybuy is a turn-key productivity platform that optimizes pickup, delivery, dine in and loyalty for brands worldwide. Flybuy uses AI and location intelligence to reshape the way businesses engage with their customers and empower them to achieve operational excellence and drive repeat business. Brands are leveraging Flybuy to drive sales, save money, and reduce waste by providing actionable data and insight to streamline their operations and create a seamless customer experience.

About Tacos 4 Life

Tacos 4 Life co-founders, Austin and Ashton Samuelson, were inspired to take action after learning more than 18,000 children die every day due to hunger-related causes. Since its inception in 2014, the Arkansas-grown restaurant has remained unwavering in its mission to end world hunger, one taco at a time. For every taco, salad, quesadilla, rice bowl or nachos that are sold, a meal is automatically donated to Tacos 4 Life’s nonprofit partner Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). Known for its innovative craft tacos, the restaurant provides guests the unique opportunity to impact the global community, all while enjoying fan favorites such as Korean BBQ Steak, Hawaiian Shrimp and Fried Chicken Tacos.

Tacos 4 Life has expanded to new states and communities across the country, with locations in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee. To learn more, visit the Tacos 4 Life website and connect with Tacos 4 Life on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Together, we can create a world where no child goes hungry.