As restaurants continue to focus on off-premise operations, the need for a seamless order pickup and order delivery experience is greater than ever. Over 41 percent of consumers say that they won’t eat out at a restaurant for the rest of the year, while 86 percent of consumers expect contactless services to be available long-term.

To help restaurants keep up with these changes and to simplify the order pickup experience, our Flybuy Pickup solution leverages the Olo platform to automatically ingest all of your curbside and in-store orders. Flybuy then calculates customer ETAs, allowing your employees to prioritize order preparation, minimize wait times, and create a seamless customer experience. 

Flybuy not only allows restaurants to anticipate when customers will arrive, but also ingests/presents the arrival times for delivery service providers (DSPs) from Olo Dispatch and Rails. All DSP information is ingested through the Flybuy system and displayed on the Flybuy Staff Dashboard. The restaurant can view all customer and DSP information/arrival times in one place enabling employee efficiency and food freshness.  Whether the DSP is DoorDash, Postmates, Uber Eats, or one of many others, Flybuy Pickup + Olo allows restaurants to prepare food exactly when it’s needed, saving time for delivery drivers and reducing overcrowding in curbside and in-store pickup zones.

Restaurants around the world use Olo to power millions of digital orders per week.  Flybuy Pickup can provide restaurants with a powerful, seamless curbside/in-store pickup, leveraging the Olo Platform.

The Process

All orders placed with Olo, via mobile app, web, call center, Dispatch and the Olo Rails marketplace will kick off the Flybuy Pickup process. Guests with in-store pickup or curbside orders will receive an SMS or in-app push notification letting them know their order is ready for pickup. Once the guest indicates they are en route, the in-store Flybuy dashboard will begin notifying staff of the estimated time of arrival.  Additional notifications throughout the customer journey are customizable to match your existing food prep procedures. Once the guest arrives in the curbside or in-store pickup area, they are automatically checked in and staff can immediately deliver the order.  Delivery orders are also presented on the same Flybuy dashboard with delivery driver estimated arrival times.  

The Advantages

Flybuy Pickup +  Olo provides several key advantages:

  1. Prioritize order preparation by understanding exactly when customers and delivery drivers will be arriving.
    • Your employees will be able to monitor the customer’s journey all the way from leaving their home to the restaurant, so that employees can prepare food ‘just-in-time’ ensuring it is hot and fresh. When kitchens get busy, it is crucial to be able to know when each customer will be arriving so that your employees can prioritize which orders need to be prepared first.
  2. Provide a seamless order pickup experience 
    • Having food ready as soon as the customer or delivery driver arrives at the restaurant means that wait times can be reduced dramatically, congestion in curbside zones can be eased, and more orders can be fulfilled.
  3. Keep customers and employees safe with a truly contactless experience
    • In today’s environment, customers expect that curbside pickup will allow them to stay safe and keep their distance from others. By reducing wait times in curbside zones, through having food prepared at the right time, customers will not be waiting around others for as long and employees will be able to provide orders to customers with no interaction necessary.
  4. Prepare delivery orders with the same efficiency as curbside orders
    • Flybuy Pickup + Olo presents restaurants with accurate ETAs for delivery drivers so that restaurants can make sure that all orders are ready on time, no matter the source.
  5. Implement in no time at all
    • Flybuy Pickup + Olo is implemented with major restaurant brands.  If you’re already using Olo for your digital orders, you can have Flybuy Pickup running at your locations extremely quickly.

The Power of Flybuy Pickup

Flybuy Pickup is enabling some of the world’s leading brands including Five Guys, Nandos, Hooters, El Pollo Loco, and many more to create an amazing customer experience. Our industry-leading location-based technology empowers your employees to reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction. 

“The addition of Flybuy has been met with such enthusiasm from both our employees and our customers. We have already seen significant growth in our curbside business, which has had a major impact on overall sales,” stated Judy Kadylak, CMO of City BBQ. “Flybuy Pickup has helped us operate efficiently while stores begin to reopen, and enables us to replicate the five-star experience that customers receive when they are dining in the restaurant, with fresh food and prompt service.”

Curbside pickup is crucial to success in today’s environment and it’s here to stay. Implementing Flybuy Pickup will enable your restaurant to thrive with a seamless carryout solution for your customers and your employees, while increasing your bottom line. 

Find out more about Flybuy Pickup and talk to our team about how we could help.