Radius Networks, the leader in location-based technology for curbside pickup, drive-thru, dine-in, and contactless payments, has successfully facilitated the acquisition of assets of Flybuy Technologies, Inc, a former startup based in Seattle, WA, including the domain, www.flybuy.com.

Radius Networks will also add Will Rademaker, Chairman of Flybuy Technologies, and Bryan Terrell, its CTO, to their Board of Advisors. Flybuy Technologies was an early innovator in the location-technology pickup space, and Will and Bryan are enthusiastic to join the Board of Advisors for Radius Networks. Radius Networks has surged forward with their proprietary Flybuy location platform, which uses location technology to help companies deliver a frictionless customer experience and drive location-based transactions.

“Will and Bryan bring a great perspective on location technology, and we welcome them into the Radius Networks family,” says Radius Networks CEO and Co-Founder Marc Wallace. “They join us at a very exciting time, as our Flybuy product suite has been top of mind for every major retailer, grocer, and restaurant. We are firing on all cylinders to help our partners successfully launch safe and efficient curbside pickup, contactless payment, drive-thru, and dine-in programs. Our partnership with Will and Bryan and acquiring www.flybuy.com gives us the opportunity to expand the visibility of our brand.”

Will Rademaker, is equally enthused. “Radius Networks is the company and team best positioned to bring this next-generation location platform to everyday life for the broader public. Chapin Henry, Bryan Terrell, and I are excited to see the Flybuy Technologies vision, hatched in coffee shops many years ago in Seattle, carry on with the talented and energized group at Radius Networks. They say timing is everything. Flybuy is building in the direction that we all see commerce going: where time and timing will be a bigger part of the goods we interact with, especially nearby.”

About Radius Networks and Flybuy
The Flybuy location platform, by Radius Networks, uses proprietary location technology to help companies deliver a frictionless customer experience and drive location-based transactions. The platform includes Flybuy Pickup for optimizing curbside and in-store pickup; Flybuy Tableside to improve the speed of ordering and service in-store; Flybuy Pay to conduct contactless payments and streamline the checkout and payment process; and Flybuy Drive-Thru for automating pickup in the drive-thru lane. Radius Networks was established in 2011 in Washington, DC.