The Flybuy and Paytronix combined offering gives restaurants and convenience stores the location information they need to make the order, delivery, and pickup experience better, faster, and more efficient for everyone. 

“We are excited to implement Flybuy and Paytronix, to get The Primanti Brothers team operating with complete efficiency. Our customers embrace new tech enhancements to make their journey easier, and I’m confident that with this partnership we will have a completely frictionless customer experience which will result in happy fans, repeat business, and increased digital sales.”

In addition to Flybuy Pickup, Paytronix is enabling Flybuy Notify, a location-based customer engagement solution, to help boost loyalty engagement and customer behavior en-route, inside, and around the store. Brands that leverage Flybuy Notify have seen a lift in promotional item sales over 30% on average.

The Paytronix and Flybuy integrated, combined offering is particularly timely for convenience stores that are in the process of a digital transformation, looking for holistic off-premise solutions across online ordering, mobile app, customer pickup, and delivery driver pickup optimization. The Paytronix and Flybuy partnership allows convenience stores to drive more off-premise sales, create a seamless pickup experience, and drive loyalty engagement across all service channels.

“Flybuy is proud to partner with Paytronix to provide a frictionless location-based customer and delivery driver pickup solution to our shared restaurant and convenience store brands for in-store, curbside, drive-thru, or even pickup at the pump."

“Paytronix focuses entirely on improving guest engagement, and Flybuy’s technology fits directly into that mission. By working with our mobile app, brands can now have it all and create an integrated and smooth ordering and pickup experience. This means making guests happier and keeping them loyal for the long-term.”

About Radius Networks | Flybuy

Radius Networks is the leading enterprise location technology company and their Flybuy Platform helps companies achieve operational excellence and simplify the guest experience. The Flybuy SaaS platform is leveraged by restaurants, retailers, hospitality, and grocers around the world and includes: Flybuy Pickup for curbside, in-store, and delivery driver pickup optimization; Flybuy Drive-Thru for drive-thru pickup and loyalty automation; Flybuy Tableside for dine-in ordering and table service solutions; and Flybuy Pay for location-based mobile payment facilitation. Radius Networks technology is installed globally in tens of thousands of locations across more than 60 countries. 


About Paytronix

Based in Newton, Massachusetts, Paytronix is a provider of SaaS customer experience management (CXM) solutions for restaurants and convenience stores. Through its innovative software design and integrations with more than 30 widely used point-of-sale systems, Paytronix empowers more than 1,800 brands across 34,000 locations, giving them the flexibility to deliver unique, revenue-enhancing guest experiences. Through one-to-one engagement with more than 225 million guests via Order & Delivery, Loyalty, CRM, and Stored Value, Paytronix delivers artificial intelligence features that motivate increased visits and spending throughout the customer journey. For more information, visit