March 2023 – Check out what we’ve been working on at Flybuy HQ! 

Flybuy iOS App Clips

iOS users that are new to using Flybuy will now have the option to engage using the Flybuy App Clip. An app clip is a small part of a mobile app that can be used without downloading the full mobile app. They allow for immediate utilization of a portion of the app the moment it’s needed, creating both a seamless and frictionless experience. Think of the Flybuy App Clip as an elevated web flow experience for users who do not want to download the full app.

app clip

Flybuy Staff Dashboard Enhancements

  • Quick Actions
    We’ve added Quick Actions as a new way for staff to carry out the core functions on the staff dashboard. This feature eliminates the need to open each order detail screen individually. Instead, staff can select one or multiple orders at a time and quickly carry out actions by tapping the relevant action in the header toolbar. 
quick actions
  • ‘Double Tap’ for Order Details
    If users don’t want to select orders and hit the ‘View Order’ button to see the Order Detail modal, they can now also double tap an order card or row to get there.
  • Displaying Order Items on the Staff Dashboard for Olo Orders

    To ensure order accuracy for orders that come through our Olo integration, we are going to start displaying order items and their associated modifiers on the order detail screen. Staff can reference these details in a list format to ensure order accuracy.

order details
  • ‘Shop Map’ Toggle

    The map is now viewable through a show/hide toggle, and can be opened dynamically on any dashboard view.

New Customer Notification: Order Preparing

Flybuy has introduced a new “order preparing” state along with customer notifications to keep them informed of their order status. Thanks to select integrations, Flybuy has visibility into when an order is being prepared in the kitchen to inform the customer of their order status. 

Olo Expo Integration

With our newest Olo integration, Flybuy feeds location and arrival updates directly into the Olo Expo dashboard. This provides greater visibility of incoming customers and delivery drivers. Many restaurants suffer from “tablet fatigue” due to the proliferation of separate tablets for each technology vendor they utilize. This Flybuy Pickup + Olo Expo integration significantly reduces this burden by integrating all the location intelligence into the existing expo, eliminating any operational change for staff. 

olo expo integration

Olo Check In Integration

Brands using Olo online ordering have the option to enable Flybuy to receive Olo’s customer check-in updates to increase coverage for non-mobile app users. These updates are displayed on the Flybuy Dashboard to give staff insight into the customer’s journey.

olo check in integration

Flybuy Dine-in via Olo

Brands that use Olo Serve for online ordering can now opt to sign up for Flybuy Dine-in, an innovative QR code ordering solution that makes ordering onsite faster and more convenient than ever before. With Flybuy Dine-in, customers can easily scan a QR code or tap via NFC to place their orders. These orders are sent directly to the Flybuy dashboard, which enables brands to reference customer location for table delivery or page customers via SMS for counter handoff.

flybuy dine in ordering

That’s all for now!

Whether it is feedback about an existing feature or product, or you have an idea for an enhancement, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to our Product team.

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