September 2022 – We’ve spent the summer working on some exciting new features and integrations for our customers! Our team is constantly innovating and enhancing products within the Flybuy platform. Read below to see some inside scoop and new developments.

Flybuy Pickup + Uber Eats Marketplace Direct Integration

Merchants now have full visibility into the Uber Eats courier journey for marketplace orders! Why is this important? Merchants will now receive the same location information they have for customers, which will shave minutes off every delivery order, boosting food freshness, and getting delivery drivers in-and-out fast! 

This Uber Eats integration is an addition to Flybuy’s growing program with delivery service providers, which initially went live with DoorDash marketplace in 2021 and has since proven to increase handoffs in 2 minutes or less and decrease delivery-driver time spent on premise.

Merchants will receive updates on the Flybuy Staff Dashboard, or their own KDS, to know exactly when the courier is arriving for a fast and frictionless handoff. With this enhancement, merchants can leverage perfectly-timed handoffs to reduce congestion and foot traffic in and around their restaurants and significantly reduce delivery times and food spoilage.

The Uber Eats or Postmates delivery driver's vehicle information will be populated once the driver is assigned. The driver's ETA will also be displayed at this time.

Once the driver arrives onsite, they will transition to Waiting on the Flybuy Staff Dashboard. They will follow the pickup instructions configured within the Uber Eats portal.

Staff associates will complete the order on the Flybuy Staff Dashboard based on SOPs; Flybuy's auto-complete feature can also be considered.

Flybuy detects when your Pickup customers arrive at the wrong location

There can be many reasons that a pickup customer shows up at a location other than the one at which you are expecting them. Whether it is because the customer is moving too quickly through the online checkout process or there are multiple locations close to each other, this mistake throws off the order staging process, increases food waste, and presents a negative experience for all parties.

With the latest SDK version, SDK-integrated partners can leverage Flybuy’s patented feature to detect if the customer has shown up at a different location than expected. This new feature has drastically decreased remakes, throwaways, and chargebacks, saving restaurants both time and money. If you host your own pickup app experience and are interested in this feature, please reach out to your Flybuy Customer Success team.

Other Noteworthy Releases

  • Merchants now have the ability to review each Flybuy Pickup order’s customer rating and comment within the Flybuy Merchant Portal.
  • Custom pickup type nicknames and pickup instructions can be assigned within the Flybuy Merchant Portal, so that your brand’s voice flows within the Flybuy Pickup experience (i.e. “Carside” vs “Curbside”).
  • On a site-by-site level, merchants can control which pickup types customers are allowed to choose within the Flybuy Pickup experience.
  • Merchants can set a “Wait Time Threshold” for their Pickup program, which determines when a customer has been waiting too long, thus turning the order from green to red on the Flybuy Staff Dashboard.
  • Developers can leverage our new site PickupConfig within the SDK to retrieve more customized information about the site, like brand colors and enabled pickup types, in order to customize their app experience for customers. 

That’s all for now!

Whether it is feedback about an existing feature or product, or you have an idea for an enhancement, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to our Product team.

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