Flybuy Pickup: Instacart Integration

Grocery Pickup Associates can now hand off groceries to Instacart drivers faster than ever, enhancing the customer experience and ensuring they receive their food as fresh and quickly as possible. This integration allows Associates to view the driver’s journey and real-time location as soon as they start their journey to pick up the groceries until the moment they drop them off to the end customer. You can rest assured that your customers will receive their food fast and fresh!

The Associate can view the order in the same place as they view all orders on the Flybuy Dashboard, making it simple and seamless, so they can provide the best service to all customers, no matter where or how they order. Know all stages of the drivers’ journey; it will update seamlessly on your display screen with the following stages:

  • Order Received
  • En Route
  • Nearby
  • Arrived
  • Waiting

Continue building great relationships with your customers by delivering their orders in less time and building strong partnerships with Instacart with an instant handoff.

Flybuy Pickup: Ingest Additional Checkmate Webhooks - DoorDash

The more information you have on your drivers, the better equipped your team is to accurately deliver groceries to them. With the Checkmate integration, your team can now see the following details on the display screen for DoorDash drivers:

Checkmate Status Status Displayed on Your KDS
Confirmed Delivery driver’s order state, adds vehicle details, sets ETA
Arrived at Store Driver’s waiting state
Out for Delivery Driver’s departed state

This eliminates confusion for your team members and clearly identifies key information for a seamless handoff, ensuring your team swiftly and accurately delivers the groceries to the driver, so customers receive their groceries quickly. 

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