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Romulus Restaurant Group, one of the largest IHOP Franchisees, reduces food waste and boosts sustainability with Flybuy.

Flybuy exceeded expectations from the start and they've continued to do so. Their ability to give us more information and communication tools, like gas, has been hugely beneficial to our operations.

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Leading up to the pandemic, Romulus Restaurant Group, which operates 104 IHOP restaurants, saw their off-premise orders (curbside, pickup, delivery) expand from less than 10% of their business to up to 30%. The franchisee was looking to more effectively manage its communications and handle chargebacks and refunds as their off-premise business continued to grow.



With Flybuy, The Romulus Group was able to gain full insight into the guest’s journey to the restaurant, preparing staff for a perfect and timely handoff with little to no order error. This had a tremendous ripple effect on decreases in food waste, chargebacks, and refunds.



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