The Evolution of Mobile Shopping

Remember when we had to actually go to a store to shop?

Fight traffic, park, maneuver around other shoppers, browse/shop (for, on average, 41 minutes – source), and wait in the check-out line was the only option we had. Until…

Online ordering and smart phones. 

Like many aspects of life and business, this changed everything. A simple click or tap on the screen, and your order has been placed. And it’s clearly become a big business when you consider:

– Almost half of all online grocery shoppers get their orders fulfilled via pickup. (source)

– Globally, “buy online, pick up in-store” (BOPIS) is considered the most valuable aspect of the retail shopping experience for more than four in 10 consumers. (source)

– Curbside customer orders are 3x larger than those of customers who physically walk through the doors of a retail or grocery store. 

With consumers busier than ever, convenience has been – and continues to be – the main driver for the growth of, and ongoing demand for, curbside pickup. But the trend has certainly evolved logistically over the years:

When customers first were (finally!) able to place an online or mobile order, there was a lot of waiting involved. Usually, customers were given a large pickup window, but with no idea when customers would arrive within that window, store staff had no idea how to prioritize order fulfillment. When customers arrived, it was often a fire drill to prepare the order and bring it to the curb. This was a step in the right direction, but there was definitely room for improvement.

The addition of designated curbside pickup parking spaces has helped the pickup process, but the clunky experience of needing the customer announce their arrival (usually through text or pushing a call button) has left much to be desired–especially when staff is tied up inside and not waiting by the phone or computer. Even more challenging, when the few designated curbside pickup spots are already taken, customers are forced to park elsewhere or wait in line.

These have definitely been major strides since the introduction of online ordering. However, knowing exactly when a customer is going to show up for their order is ultimately the key to an optimal online ordering experience. Thankfully, this is now possible with Flybuy Pickup. 

Flybuy identifies the customer’s ETA and sends timely alerts to the staff when customers are on the way, nearby, on property, and then in the pickup zone. Armed with this info, staff can have orders waiting at the curb as the customer arrives, eliminating wait time completely. Plus, customers need to take ZERO action upon arrival, which makes for a smooth and simple curbside experience for everyone involved.

And after all, a seamless curbside pickup experience is crucial in today’s world. Having orders ready and waiting when a customer shows up is now not only expected, having a frictionless and convenient customer journey is now also a huge differentiator between you and your competitors. 
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