When shopping for technology to improve the in-store, curbside, and same-day delivery experience, companies often ask themselves: Why don’t I just build this myself? 

While a few brands have been successful building their own solution, the ongoing drain of resources can be all-consuming, expensive, and overwhelming to maintain. The product will need constant innovation and support to ensure it is running well and outshining competitors. 

Additionally, leveraging a solution that is industry proven and field ready can greatly accelerate a brand’s speed to market and boost revenue and efficiency immediately. This ‘opportunity cost’ of building a solution in-house is often overlooked and can be much more impactful than the obvious cost of product and development resources. 

In most cases, it is more profitable and reliable for the brand to purchase their solution from a company who specializes in location technology. Here’s why: 

Unlimited engineering resources

Building a geolocation machine from scratch can take years, and constantly requires testing, iteration, and engineering support to address unforeseen challenges in the technology. Flybuy has an entire team of engineering experts with decades of location technology experience dedicated to continuously making the Flybuy platform more accurate, more robust, and more powerful. 

Our team works with the world’s largest brands every day across tens of thousands of deployed, physical locations and is always innovating on new features and functionality to make our platform more useful to your customers and staff. 

Faster speed to market

With Flybuy, you can bring a completely integrated off-premise solution to market in as little as one month, instead of one to two years, which is the typical time frame it takes to build even a basic system. Plus, our numerous existing integrations with fulfillment, ordering, and mobile app providers allow us to seamlessly fit into your current tech stack.

Implementing an industry leading solution, like Flybuy, has proven to immediately boost sales, improve efficiency and cut costs. These benefits alone outweigh any perceived value of building the solution in house.

More cost-effective

Outsourcing your off-premise program can save you millions of dollars in engineers, software builds, support resources, ongoing maintenance, new features, and more. Instead, you can redirect that money doing what you do best: providing the top products and services to your consumers. 

Location technology expertise under your brand

A common myth is that by using a platform like Flybuy, you will lose control of your brand and customer interface, but that is not the case. The Flybuy Platform is an engine that can power your existing, branded user experience without the customer ever seeing the Flybuy brand. With dozens of integrations to leading industry platforms, Flybuy will also seamlessly work within an existing technology stack for an even smoother staff and customer experience.

Lastly, the Flybuy team holds more than 40 patents in location technology and has a reputation of excellence among industry leaders around the world. Our in-house team of experts have a longstanding relationship with Apple and Google and are well-versed on all iOS and Android privacy concerns and can keep you up to date with the latest advances in the industry and with location technology. Why take the risk? Let the industry experts have your back.

Ready to learn more about how Flybuy can supercharge your business? Get in touch with our team of experts today.