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Improve speed of service by quickly locating customers, using our proprietary Presence Level technology, for efficient and contactless order and delivery. Pinpoint the exact location of customers, employees, and assets within your store or venue.

Improve Speed of Service
Improve Staff Efficiency
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Drive Brand Loyalty and Repeat Visits

Locate your customer within your venue for order delivery, upsell opportunities, and personalized engagement. Whether you need to find your customers for food and beverage delivery, monitor employees, or track assets within a venue, Radius Networks can provide the perfect in-house solution. The advanced analytics portal allows businesses to view and report on key business metrics that help better understand customer and staff behavior, including traffic flow, heat maps, and order delivery metrics.

  • In-depth analytics and reporting
  • Reduces waste from wrong orders
  • Increases revenue per order
  • Ability to engage and upsell customers on property or nearby

How It Works

Pinpoint the exact location of customers and assets

Order Placed

Customer places order from mobile, kiosk, or counter.

Customer Awaits Order

Customer finds a seat anywhere and relaxes.

Staff Alerted to Customer Location

Real-time customer location updates are reported to staff.

Order Delivered

The order is delivered to the exact location of the customer.


Radius Networks is a location technology company focused on helping businesses locate, engage, and transact with their customers for order delivery, messaging, and tracking.


Eliminate wait time and enhance the customer's dining experience.

Casinos + Gaming

Locate guests as they move around the casino for food and beverage delivery.

Sports + Entertainment

Enhance the fan experience with in-seat service and location-based messaging.


Keep your operations running smoothly by minimizing the loss of shipments.

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