flybuy notify by radius networks

Proximity-triggered notifications for your app users.

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Personalize the customer experience.

Flybuy Notify drives in-app experiences to customers with proximity-triggered notifications. We use advanced geofencing location technology to engage with customers within 200 meters to entice customers to the store. 

phone receiving notification in car

Drive mobile app engagement.

When a customer comes in close range or enters the business, Flybuy Notify uses Bluetooth technology within the SDK to engage with customers and promote in-app experiences, including special promotions or loyalty rewards. 

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Enjoy the benefits of an end-to-end location platform.

Keep user privacy front of mind.

User privacy and security are of the utmost importance and we are aligned with Apple’s increased privacy-centric features in iOS 14.

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How It Works

Proximity-triggered notifications.

Notification sent to customer

Customer is prompted to visit a nearby store.

Customer drives to store

Promotion entices a customer to visit the store

Customer enters store

Customer is prompted to use loyalty rewards when making purchase

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