Five Guys leverages Flybuy Pickup technology to maximize food freshness and ensure a seamless curbside and in-store pickup experience for both customers and third-party delivery drivers.

Five Guys, an American fast casual restaurant chain with over 1,600 locations worldwide, has partnered with Radius Networks, the leading location-based technology company in restaurants, grocery, and retail, to roll out Flybuy Pickup, a robust curbside and in-store pickup solution. Five Guys is leveraging Flybuy to track the arrival of both the customers and third-party delivery drivers and to make operational decisions to maximize food freshness and to minimize wait times.

The Flybuy Dashboard enables Five Guys to accurately predict the ETA of both customers and delivery drivers for all takeout orders.

Flybuy uses proprietary technologies to gain visibility into the customer and third-party delivery drivers’ journeys by accurately predicting ETA and alerting the restaurant when the customer or driver is within a certain radius of the restaurant, upon entrance to the property, and when they have arrived in a virtual pickup zone. In addition, Five Guys staff receives timely audio and visual alerts so they can perfectly time the food readiness with the arrival of the customer or delivery driver.

As a result, Flybuy has greatly reduced wait time and congestion at the counter, curbside, and at drive-up pickup windows, which is essential for customer satisfaction and a necessity in today’s climate.

“Our staff and customers have met our new takeout technology with enthusiasm,” said Zerrick Pearson, Vice President of Restaurant Technology at Five Guys. “Having visibility into the journey of both customers and delivery drivers is key for us to provide fresh fries and cold milkshakes quickly for to-go orders. It’s hard to control the food freshness for takeout or delivery orders, but Flybuy enables us to deliver the best to-go product possible.

“With the added challenges of operating a restaurant in the current COVID-19 environment, knowing when your customers and drivers are arriving is critical so that you can minimize pickup time,” says Marc Wallace, CEO of Radius Networks. “Five Guys runs one of the most efficient operations in the industry, and they have adopted the Flybuy technology rapidly. We are fortunate to work with such an innovative team at Five Guys and look forward to a continued partnership in the future.”

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Flybuy enables Five Guys to prioritize order fulfillment based on the arrival of customers and delivery drivers.

About Flybuy Pickup

Flybuy Pickup is a core service of Radius Networks, who uses proprietary location technology to help companies deliver a frictionless customer experience and drive location-based transactions. Our Flybuy location platform includes Flybuy Pickup to optimize curbside and in-store pickup; Flybuy Tableside to improve the speed of ordering and service in-store; Flybuy Pay to conduct contactless payments and streamline the checkout and payment process; and Flybuy Drive-Thru to automate the pickup process in the drive-thru.

About Five Guys Five Guys is a family owned and operated franchise restaurant group that focuses on serving high quality burgers and fries in a clean, no frills atmosphere.   Five Guys was established in 1986 in Arlington, VA. In 2003, Five Guys opened its first franchised location and with the help of loyal franchisees, Five Guys has expanded from five to over 1600 locations in 19 countries.  ZAGAT Survey said “there are no better burgers “and Five Guys continues to be Zagat rated and voted “Best Burger” in publications across the US.  For more information, visit