December 2022This has been an exciting year for Flybuy! Our team launched some innovative new solutions and integrations for our customers, all while scaling our system and continuously making behind-the-scenes enhancements. Check out our 2022 highlights below. 

Flybuy Notify

flybuy notify

Flybuy introduced Flybuy Notify this year, a marketing tool that allows us to leverage location to trigger proximity based messages to your mobile app customers to drive specific behaviors.  These behaviors could include simply visiting your store, prompting loyalty redemption, or purchasing a specific item. Notify executes these campaigns in a privacy-centric way without tracking customers constantly. 

Wrong Site Detection

Flybuy is able to understand when a customer has arrived at the wrong location for pickup. Brands can leverage this information to redirect customers the moment it occurs, reducing food remakes, frustration for the customer, and confusion for staff. Flybuy can also report frequency of occurrences by store to brands for future operational and/or design improvements.

Direct Delivery Service Provider Integration

flybuy tablet

Flybuy receives direct, real-time driver ETA updates from Delivery Service Providers (ie, UberEats, DoorDash) to ensure accurate order preparation and a perfect, efficient hand off to the delivery driver. These updates are displayed on the Flybuy Staff Dashboard, but can also be consumed via webhook or API for integration partners. With this integration, delivery driver wait time is slashed, counter crowding is eliminated, and food freshness improves for the end customer.

Refreshed Web Flow Design

We launched a new, sleek version of our web pickup experience, an alternative to picking up using a mobile app. The web experience is whitelabeled for brands and an optional add on.

More KDS Integrations

Flybuy is now fully integrated with more KDS platforms, such as QSR Automations, to send Flybuy customer arrival updates (nearby, arrived, waiting) to the KDS dashboard. Orders will also display on the Flybuy Staff Dashboard for customer updates. This integration allows for a completely frictionless operational experience.

Arrival Integration for Olo Expo <> Flybuy

Flybuy now has a bidirectional integration with Olo to send Flybuy customer arrival updates to the Olo Expo dashboard and have Olo check-in updates come to the Flybuy Staff Dashboard. The Olo Expo dashboard and the Flybuy Staff Dashboard will now have parity so brands can choose which interface they would like their staff associates to use for customer and delivery driver arrival updates.

Support for Dine In Experiences

Flybuy has expanded our onsite solutions to include support for dine in order types. Dine in orders appear alongside other order types on the Flybuy Staff Dashboard and staff associates can see things like table number, order details, and trigger messaging to dine in customers via the same tablet they were using for pickup operations.

Order Ready Paging

order ready paging

Staff associates can now notify customers when their order is ready to be picked up via the Flybuy Staff Dashboard. This can be used in situations where customers may order for dine in,  order at the counter for takeout, and/or arrive early for pickup and need to be paged back to the counter at a later time. 

Spot Entry

Flybuy can now display a customer’s curbside spot number and/or table number on the Flybuy Staff Dashboard as additional location information for a seamless handoff. This functionality is supported via Flybuy app, webflow, or your own branded app (via Flybuy SDK).

That’s a wrap for 2022! 

Whether it is feedback about an existing feature or product, or you have an idea for an enhancement, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to our Product team.

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