Flybuy Pickup: Site Level Branding

The latest update to the Flybuy Pickup Merchant Portal introduces Site Level Branding – a powerful feature for parent companies or umbrella organizations managing multiple brands. This enhancement empowers you to customize the portal and guest experience with brand-specific logos, display names, and accent colors. 

This level of customization eliminates confusion associated with multiple brands and enhances the user experience for team members and customers, ensuring they engage with the correct brand.

Once the changes are made within the portal, they will automatically reflect within the guest user experience, so customers can seamlessly place orders at the correct store, putting companies at ease without any confusion.  

Flybuy Pickup: Updating the Store Status - Paused or Terminated

Within the Flybuy Pickup merchant portal, team members can now efficiently indicate whether a site is temporarily or permanently closed. This enhancement was specifically requested by a brand, and we recognize its value for other companies experiencing store status changes. This saves time and reduces confusion when communicating with the Flybuy team. Team members can ensure the store status is accurate in real-time, eliminating the need for multiple layers of communication to make a simple change. 

Store Status Flybuy Pickup Merchant Portal Status
Temporarily pausing Flybuy pickup orders Paused
Permanently stopping Flybuy pickup orders Terminated

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