City Barbeque uses Flybuy Pickup to increase sales, enhance the to-go experience for customers, and streamline operations for employees.


City Barbeque, a fast-casual barbeque chain with 48 locations across six states, has partnered with Radius Networks, the leading location-based technology company in restaurants, grocery, and retail, to launch a new-and-improved curbside pickup experience, Flybuy® Pickup. Since introducing Flybuy pickup, City Barbeque has seen a dramatic increase in sales, with curbside business growing from 14% to 35% in days.

Flybuy Pickup enables City Barbeque to have complete visibility into the customer’s journey to the restaurant, maximizing food freshness and decreasing wait time. Flybuy sends the restaurant an accurate ETA and alerts the restaurant when the customer or driver is within a certain radius of the restaurant, upon entrance to the property, and when they have settled in a parking spot in a virtual pickup zone. Customers are greeted by someone from the City Barbeque team promptly upon arrival in the curbside pickup zone, with their order in-hand.

“The addition of Flybuy has been met with such enthusiasm from both our employees and our customers,” says Judy Kadylak, CMO from City Barbeque. “We have already seen significant growth in our curbside business, which has had a major impact on overall sales. Flybuy Pickup has helped us operate efficiently while stores begin to reopen, and enables us to replicate the five-star experience that customers receive when they are dining in the restaurant, with fresh food and prompt service.”

The integration has been seamless, as Flybuy is already integrated with the platform that powers their online/mobile ordering, so City Barbeque orders automatically get funneled through the Flybuy process. This creates both a frictionless experience for the customer, and for the restaurant staff. All curbside and delivery orders will be automatically ingested into the system and alerts are provided to staff.

“We are delighted to see the immediate impact that Flybuy has had to City Barbeque’s bottom line,” says Jeff Baskin, EVP Global Partnerships at Radius Networks. “City Barbeque wanted to get something up and running fast to meet the ever-changing rules and regulations of the current landscape, but also looking ahead for a long-term solution as curbside and in-store pickup becomes the ‘new normal’ for customers in the future.”

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About Flybuy Pickup
Flybuy Pickup is a core service of Radius Networks, a software company that uses machine learning to help companies conduct location-based transactions with their customers. The platform products include location-based table service, curbside and in-store pickup, mobile loyalty and redemption and mobile payment at the table. Our clients include some of the world’s largest brands and span multiple markets such as restaurants, hospitality, gaming, grocery, and retail.

About City Barbeque
City Barbeque is a fast-casual barbeque chain founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1999. City Barbeque has 46 company-owned restaurants across six states and is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio. City Barbeque serves beef brisket, pulled pork, turkey breast, pulled chicken with ‘Bama sauce, smoked sausage, bone-in chicken, and St. Louis–cut ribs; all meats are smoked in on-site smokers at each location. City Barbeque smokes meats and makes sides and desserts in each restaurant daily.