District Taco serves Yucatan style Mexican food in Washington, DC and the surrounding metro areas. Give the urban landscape of many of the restaurant’s locations, District Taco had an objective to boost foot traffic and drive more business from passers by.


Flybuy partnered with District Taco to implement our Notify solution, which prompts customers to visit the restaurant when they are nearby. District Taco pushed out special offers and/or encouraged patrons to place a mobile order when they were close to the restaurant.

flybuy notify district taco


Using Flybuy Notify, District Taco drove foot traffic, boosted mobile ordering, and lifted special offer sales.

28 percent
Boost in special offer sales
21 percent
Increase in store visits
"Reaching the customer when they are in the right place at the right time has been a game-changer for us. Flybuy Notify enables us to provide useful information to the customer at the exact time they may act on it."
osiris hoil
Osiris Hoil