By Tim Judkins

Introducing the NEW RadBeacon E Series

Radius Networks is the leading proximity beacon provider.  The short range, low power, Bluetooth Smart transmitters notify mobile devices when they come within range of a beacon. This micro-location proximity awareness can be leveraged to deliver a wide range of new innovative solutions, such as right-place, right-time customer notifications, precision indoor navigation, automatic ticketing, guided tours, and location-relevant offers and promotions.

The RadBeacon E Series is a family of fully stand-alone Bluetooth proximity beacons that supports iBeaconTM, AltBeaconTM, and EddystoneTM technology. The RadBeacon E is perfect for a wide range of applications such as mobile app engagement, asset tracking, location-based advertising, and more.

Fully Configurable Multi-Beacon Technology

Don’t get stuck with IDs from your beacon vendor that might overlap with other deployments.  The RadBeacon E has 5 configurable beacon advertisements, so you can pick the identifiers you want for your project.  As the industry’s first multi-beacon, with concurrent support for all major industry-standard proximity technologies, the RadBeacon enables simultaneous proximity services across iOS, Android, and other emerging mobile environments. Configure it the way you want it using your mobile device with the free RadBeacon App for iOS or Android. Supported beacon proximity technologies include:

  • iBeacon

  • AltBeacon

  • Eddystone UID

  • Eddystone URL

Multiple Form Factors

The RedBeacon E is available in four form factors: E4, E8, Card, and Chip.  

RadBeacon E4

  • Rugged, weatherproof, and temperature-resistant

  • Great general purpose beacon in a small form factor that can be installed virtually anywhere

  • Transmission range up to 100 meters

  • 4 AA batteries (included) – up to 10 year battery life

  • Replaces the discontinued X4

  • FCC, IC & CE Certified

RadBeacon E8

  • Rugged, weatherproof, and temperature-resistant

  • The perfect beacon for long-term use

  • Transmission range up to 100 meters

  • External antenna

  • 8 D batteries (included) – Decades of battery life

  • FCC, IC & CE Certified

RadBeacon Card

  • Wallet/ID card form factor

  • Great as temporary badges

  • Designed for use on-the-go with a built-in key chain hole

  • Transmission range up to 100 meters

  • Non-replaceable lithium battery – up to 2 year battery life

  • FCC, IC & CE Certified 

RadBeacon Chip

  • Portable, lightweight, small in size, and easy to deploy

  • Ideal for short-term applications (asset tracking, facility access, etc.)

  • Transmission range up to 100 meters

  • Non-replaceable lithium battery – up to 9 month battery life

  • Replaces the RadBeacon Dot

  • FCC, IC & CE Certified


Learn more about the features of the RadBeacon E Series by visiting the Radius Networks website today: