Today we have released RadBeacon Smart, the industry’s first software beacon platform.

The RadBeacon Smart software beacon platform by Radius Networks can turn existing hardware with BLE capability into a beacon. The RadBeacon Smart enabled beacon can also be remotely managed and configured using the RadBeacon Smart API and through Radius Networks Director beacon management service. Additionally, the RadBeacon Smart beacon can manage other beacons within range of it, acting as a hub within a fully-managed beacon network.

“We are seeing rapid growth in demand for our more sophisticated, secure and capable proximity products, like the RadBeacon Smart software platform. Enterprises in many different industries – from restaurants to sports stadiums to factories – need a robust, proximity solution that is flexible and can be managed to handle a rapidly evolving environment.” said Marc Wallace, CEO & Co-Founder of Radius Networks, “Furthermore, the ability to remotely install the RadBeacon Smart beacon software to existing devices in the field is a key benefit of our new platform.”

Radius Networks is currently deploying the RadBeacon Smart platform globally and with enterprise customers. Companies interested in learning more about the RadBeacon Smart platform can contact Radius Networks sales engineers for more information.

“Up to now, beacons have been considered to be cheap, battery-powered, throw-away devices. Unfortunately this approach does not meet the operational and management needs of large enterprises with geographically distributed locations. The RadBeacon Smart platform delivers a flexible, fully-managed, connected and customizable beacon solution that provides the industrial strength capabilities that these customers demand,” added David Helms, Chief Product Officer at Radius Networks, “Flexible, connected, software-defined beacons are the next big evolution in proximity solutions.”