By Marc Wallace

We are really excited to let you know that we just released our latest proximity beacon product: QuickBeacon for Windows

With QuickBeacon for Windows, any Windows PC or Surface Pro tablet running Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, with an available USB port, can be turned into a fully-configurable, proximity beacon platform.

Set It and Forget It

QuickBeacon is the no hassle solution for deploying iBeacon™ and AltBeacon technology in enterprise environments, for home automation, in point-of-sale solutions, and for so many other applications.

Set it and forget it. No batteries to run down, and it goes wherever you take your PC or Surface Pro tablet.

Beacons at Your Fingertips

QuickBeacon for Windows is going to change how people think about beacon technology. QuickBeacon expands beacon technology beyond standalone devices using specialized hardware. It puts a proximity beacon with iBeacon and AltBeacon technology anywhere you’ve got a PC or Surface Pro tablet. QuickBeacon for Windows is available today from the Radius Networks store. We can’t wait to see what you do with it!